What is the Life and Career Planning Model©?

What differentiates our book, Time To Get Real!, our life and career planning process, and all our corollary aids from what has been available in the marketplace to this point is a two-stage focus that you will follow. First, the Life & Career Planning Model© is elegantly simple, easy to follow, and interesting in which to engage. It is a useful tool. However, secondly, you are in control, and fully responsible for model inputs and outputs, while being guided by proven expertise.

You can go through the material and the steps quickly or slowly, but you must engage in the entire process, and spend time, effort, and thought to get the payoff you desire. The coaching process starts with an examination of self, then moves to a review of work and career. Once those two parts of the model are completed, a personal vision is developed, extending out at least three to five years. After you analyze your results and what you’ve learned, you then develop a plan that you activate immediately and revise periodically, as circumstances of your life change.

Get the best life, the best career, and the best you!

We all know that effective organizations continually review, evaluate and refine their action plans for success through a process called “strategic thinking and planning.” The CEO and others in the organization periodically take a candid look at the company’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, finances and competitive set in a changing marketplace to plan for action to better control their future. Good companies are also opportunistic. They look for those actions that can be taken now to improve their positions.

But what about you? How ironic that this activity happens all the time in our workplaces, yet few consider the same approach or model for their own lives. Life and Career Planning, LLC and its principals, Alex J. Plinio and Melissa Smith will help you to think about this through a new series of blogs. There is no reason why you can’t be more intentional when planning for your life and career. The Life and Career Planning Model© along with the book Time To Get Real! take this observation to its logical next step: the need to create a strategic plan for one’s life while being assertive about the opportunities that arise each day. The Life and Career Planning Model© directs you through the process of being the CEO of your life, turning malaise, fear or uncertainty into an action plan for personal and professional success.