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Our firm provides consulting and coaching services to business, nonprofit organizations and government.  Consulting services help executive and board leaders with their strategic issues such as organization development, strategic planning, succession planning, change management, and reorganization. We also support organizations with our coaching process that helps to drive individual managers and executives to higher levels of performance. The executive coaching service includes the use of the Life & Career Planning Model© and is found to be exceptionally helpful and impactful for individuals seeking to enhance their current careers.

The consultants have experience in a wide range of business, nonprofit and government entities.  Associates have played key roles in executive, staff, and line management functions.  Their board service, education, volunteer, and consulting experience enhance the value received by our clients.

Services -

We offer a broad array of services that can be deployed individually or in combination

Strategic Planning

Our firm employs a specific process tailored to the needs of each individual organization. Outcomes include a vision, mission, areas of strategic emphasis, goals, accountabilities, financials and investments for the plan period. Additional aspects of the plan can be developed by adding some of the services noted below. For example, board and executive succession planning. 


Working with a board of directors, our firm creates a focus with governance leaders on their challenges and future needs. Plans for executive and board succession are developed. When needed individual executive or board member coaching is offered. Specific challenges faced by the board, such as, conflicts at the board level or with the CEO, growth and investment planning or board restructuring are addressed and facilitated by our firm.

Human Resources Issues

Working primarily with the CEO and his/her direct reports, human resources issues including team building, management potential assessments, performance development and evaluation systems and leadership training are addressed. Organization development, including restructuring and business model alignment, is also offered.

Management and Executive Coaching

Using a values based model which has been proven over a period of 20 years, managers and executives are coached in two ways. First, through self and career introspection the individual develops a holistic life and career plan. Second, the managers or executives have an opportunity to work one-on-one with a coach to explore current challenges and opportunities, discern potential options for themselves and their organizations and make prudent decisions for implementation.

Employee Communications

Our firm has experienced communications professionals who help managers and executives develop ongoing employee communications programs, crisis communications and various approaches to obtain employee feedback on issues of importance to the organization.

Coalition Building

Individual organizations, groups of like-minded organizations and associations often find a need to coalesce around specific challenges, to implement change, influence public policy or simply to plan together for their uniform self interest. Our firm has substantial experience in helping groups of various kinds to find common ground and work together.

Meeting Facilitation

Most organizations understand that it can be highly productive to have an objective consultant facilitating important meetings and to help leaders prepare for those meetings. Our firm offers this service. 

Sample Client List -

Aspen Music Festival and School
Association of Art Museum Directors
EisnerLubin, LLC
Ironbound Community Corporation
MCJ Amelior Foundation
New Jersey Highlands Coalition
New York Road Runners
Northern New Jersey Work Investment Boards
Sax Macy Fromm & Co., PC
The Newark Workforce Investment Board, Inc.

Testimonials -

Julia Somers, Executive Director, New Jersey Highlands Coalition
"Imagine making strategic planning informative, pleasant, productive and rewarding! Alex Plinio did that for the New Jersey Highlands Coalition. His knowledge, leadership and past experience helped us complete a strategic plan in which everyone has confidence within a reasonable and compact time period. We were delighted to work with him." 

Anna Marie Gewirtz, Senior Vice President & Chief of External Affairs, State Theatre of New Jersey
"Alex Plinio is an excellent life coach and leadership development trainer for professionals of all backgrounds. For me, personally, he helped me envision the career and life I ultimately wanted to have and helped me plan the steps I needed to take to get there. His life and career planning model also helped me identify how I could find balance in my life, even while working a full time job and balancing other personal priorities. As a facilitator and consultant, Alex is extremely effective. He immediately makes people open up and feel at ease. Alex’s strength is in leading nonprofit organizations and companies through difficult times or periods of major change, helping them refocus on their mission and vision and ultimately towards much improved outcomes.” 

Andrea O’Neal, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director, Kids Corporation II
"In 2009, I received my Certificate in Nonprofit Executive Leadership from Rutgers University’s Institute for Ethical Leadership. One of the biggest values of the program was the one-on-one coaching from Professor Alex Plinio, co-founder of the Institute. His Personal Model for Life and Career Planning helped me to understand my strengths and areas of personal development, think about my life purpose, and put things into perspective so that I was able to create a vision for my future. With his guidance, I was inspired to reach my personal goals and develop tactical plans for enhanced leadership." 

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