We know that effective organizations continually review, evaluate and refine their action plans for success through a process called strategic planning.  The Life & Career Planning Model© takes this observation to its logical next step: the need to create a strategic plan for an individual’s life while being assertive about the opportunities that arise each day. 

This model directs people through the process of achieving their life’s potential, turning malaise, fear or uncertainty into an action plan for personal success. While no one can predict the future, anyone can pursue a course of his or her own design to find the pathway to the best possible future.  This model is the tool that creates a key advantage for individuals who want to be intentional about their future plans.


Individual coaching -

Work one-on-one in person with a Life & Career Planning coach 

Telephonic Coaching -

Wherever you live or work, receive one-on-one coaching via the telephone including Facetime or Skype

webinars -

Spend an hour focused on a specific Life & Career Planning topic such as personal values, the right job, life balance, strengths and development areas, organizations culture and values, financial plans, your vision, crossing age groups and cultures, and your Life & Career Plan action and renewal process.

Crisis and Opportunity Help Line -

Call and be guaranteed a call back within 12 hours to discuss challenges you face


Life & Career Planning seminars -

Invest a half-day into your personal and professional success

Life & career planning Retreats -

Invest two days into your personal and professional success

Presentations -  

We will come to your organization, association, or business and present to employees, management or executives on any subject noted in the list of services that we provide