Here are stories of real people, in real situations, who have overcome obstacles to attain the vision that they have for themselves in life. 

“I was seeking career advice when we first met.  Six months later, Alex Plinio and his Life and Career Planning Model had changed my life. Not only did he help me navigate the road to an amazing new position, the model ensured that the road led to a balanced and joyful life.  No magic here.  You have to stay focused, do the work, and trust the process.  If you do, the result will be transformative.  I know.  I’ve never been happier, more financially secure, or more satisfied by work that is grounded in mission and aligned with personal values. Thank you, Alex.

Dr. Ross Danis, President and CEO, MeckEd


“Alex Plinio helped me to define where I wanted to take my professional and personal career, and his Life & Career Planning Model was an effective tool that helped me reach those goals and the level of success I am at today.  I myself am a coach working to educate and empower others, and similar to the thought as to who cuts a barber’s hair, I'm frequently asked who coached and encouraged me.  I recognize Alex for the objective voice that he was when I was caught up in what I felt I should focus on, and he provided me with great clarity to guide me on my path, and challenged me when I was off-base.  He allowed me to pull the treasure out from within, and for that I am forever grateful.”

Todd Polyniak, CPA, Partner, SAX Tax and Advisory Firm

“If you've ever questioned yourself or your decisions, the Life & Career Planning Model is a sneak attack on that often undermining voice in your head. This Model taught me at pivotal points, in my personal and professional life, to first identify my curiosities, what makes me tick, what I see for myself and, then, pursue them with gusto. Working with Alex brought out my inner risk-taker. I had operated from a place of fear, rather than evaluating opportunities based on my core values, interests and goals. Life & Career Planning is a road map to unearth your authentic self and happiness.”

Margaret Della, Executive Director, Kingsbridge Heights Community Center


“A life coach and career planner for any of us is a difficult role.  We change, our vision, dreams, reality changes, and yet we seek advice that crosses those borders and satisfies the moving parts.  Alex Plinio is the magician that with insight, sensitivity and the gut and grit to tell you the truth.  He cuts across those borders, helps one identify their own blind spots, and like a great Sherpa, leads one to discover her or his own solution.  His methodology is participatory, makes great sense, and provides seeable, touchable roadmaps to satisfaction and/or success.  I have worked with Alex to solve corporate dilemmas while working in the pharmaceutical industry, the utility business and the arts.  He has also provided me with guidance and mentoring when my ethics did not mesh with the desires of others.  And then there is the personal goals piece.  Alex turned me on to my own intuition, using his coaching skills.  He led me to be a more confident leader and listener.  He isn’t just providing advice; he is providing the advice in our own words.  We flatten the path; he shows us its existence.“

Ellen Lambert, Chief Diversity Officer, Foundation President, and Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship and Culture, PSEG Services Corporation

"I worked for Alex for eight years at AFS Intercultural Programs/USA. Once I proved myself, he gave me the opportunity to manage several different departments as a way of building my leadership skills and knowledge base. He forged a leadership team that successfully took us through 9/11. And he prepared me to assume a CEO role after I left AFS. I credit Alex with much of my career success."

Vivien Hoexter, Principal, H2 Growth Strategies, LLC


"Life isn't always perfect but it's possible to create and live out your true mission and vision. With Alex Plinio's guidance and life and career planning seminar I was able to constructively think through big career decisions to ensure the best possible outcome. When I was considering a new career step I made sure to reflect on his planning model. I knew that a step back in my career wasn't going to be an easy decision but it was the right one which ultimately launched me forward and into a rewarding career path. I can truly say that because of his work I consider myself grounded and happier with my life, both personally and professionally."

Dana Bochna, Campus Recruiting Specialist, Prudential Financial


“Alex Plinio’s enduringly good business judgment, organizational wherewithal and personal leadership sensitivities are among his most extraordinary attributes.  He routinely combines a remarkable intersectional understanding of both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds, including each’s respective values, good and bad customs and leadership needs. He never fails to elevate the leader’s view of his or her role in the world and potential for making a difference.”

Keith Stock, Chairman & CEO, First Financial Investors Inc.

"Alex Plinio and Melissa Smith have presented Life & Career Planning to various audiences including business, nonprofit, and government executives at the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School.   Their seminars offer our participants very valuable advice and counsel and always come out on top in evaluations.  They are two individuals who have had wonderful careers in different sectors of the economy and know how to lead and inspire people on the path to personal fulfillment." 

Judy Young, Executive Director, The Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School