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Exploring your interests is the opening topic in Time To Get Real! and we ask you to begin to focus on yourself and your interests. There is a tremendous benefit to understanding those things in your life that are attractive to you, motivational, inspirational, and make you feel good. This allows you to spend time reflecting on the activities and pursuits that you value the most.

Applying the “five whys” helps you uncover the nature and source of your values and interests by asking "why" no fewer than five times. Using exercises like this helps you probe deeper to expose a root value and gain a greater understanding of the interests you want to make a priority in your life.

Interests are things you find motivational, inspirational, or make you feel good like reading or camping

Interests are things you find motivational, inspirational, or make you feel good like reading or camping

In our book, you will also consider what activities you do out of habit even though they don’t bring a significant level of pleasure. What are the activities you wind up engaging in because you feel you should despite the fact that they are not important? And what are the regular procrastination activities that get in the way of your true interests? Discerning interests can provide an important bridge to what you would like to do, become engaged in, during work or private time. Some interests are really habits hiding as interests. For example, has your smartphone become a part of your hand? Are your eyes glued to the television? Do you really have to get up that late or go to bed that early? Do you always eat the same thing for lunch? Why?

As you explore your interests you may have had some insights or maybe even an A-HA experience. This will unfold as you consider the reasons or feelings that prevent you from moving away from non-pleasurable interests toward those that are more meaningful and enjoyable for you.

Iris is a wife, and a mother with an important job requiring her to manage global regulatory projects for a health science company. Click this link to hear Iris talk about her interests.

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