Turn Uncertainty into an Action Plan for Personal and Professional Success

Are you ready to pursue a course of your own design to find more happiness? Life & Career Planning helps you better understand your life and career and how they are integrated. This model helps you move from where you are to where you want to be for your life and career.

The Life & Career Planning Model© is elegantly simple, easy to follow, and interesting to engage with.  It is a useful tool.  You are in control and fully responsible for model inputs and outputs, while being guided by proven expertise. The coaching process starts with an examination of self, then moves to a review your work and career.  Once those two parts of the model are completed, you will move toward the development of a personal vision extending out at least three to five years.  After analyzing your results and learnings, you will move toward the development of a plan that you will activate and revise periodically.

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10 things you will learn about Life & Career Planning:

  1. That you can control more of your life and your career through intentional planning
  2. Of other individuals who used the Life & Career Planning Model and their results
  3. How to effectively use the Life & Career Planning Model
  4. The role of your interests and personal values in your decision making
  5. How to effectively use strong relationships and life balance to gain insight for yourself
  6. The benefit of matching organizational culture, mission, and values with your own 
  7. The importance of and absolute necessity for developing a personal financial plan
  8. How to assess your current position and how to describe your next, future career position
  9. How to develop a strategic plan with goals and action steps to produce desired life and career results
  10. About resources and services available to you in implementing your personal Life & Career Plan

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